At NAMI-NYS, we are continuously working to improve public policy for people with mental illness in New York. Our Public Policy Agenda includes many issues that aim to increase access to treatment and services, provide safe and affordable housing, and to repair and restore the mental health system in our state.

NAMI-NYS Advocacy Toolkit

This toolkit contains the resources you need to become a more effective and educated advocate for the mental health community.  You will find everything from basic information on the legislative process to NAMI-NYS issue fact sheets and more.   We encourage you to download, print and share these tools with your community and your legislators. 

1. What is Advocacy?  You can get involved

2. NAMI-NYS Public Policy Program Overview: We are here to help you

3. New York Facts & Figures: Mental health statistics for New York that you can use when advocating

4. Glossary of Mental Health, Health & Housing Terms

5. Legislative Fact Sheet: Review state government structure

6. Legislative Process: How a bill becomes law in NY

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1-800-950-3228 - NY Only

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