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A Dream Named You

At the time I began writing poetry, in the summer of 1996, I felt like a divided soul. On one hand, I was given a public image as the Unabomber's good and responsible brother. On the other, I endured a personal crisis as I watched my family and my world come apart...

The process of writing poetry is my attempt to reclaim and reintegrate and also to question, my sense of who I was and am, to connect in some way the inward facing and outward facing aspects that presumably are needed to make a whole person. In most public discourse, blocks of meaning are presented and accepted with little questioning. But in a poem, everything is up for grabs. Poets do not aim to fill space but rather to discover it to uncover a world that is less determined, more open and alive. The poems in this book are an attempt to trace a spiritual journey across such a landscape from loss to affirmation. - David Kaczynski

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