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Blessed with Bipolar

I cracked up - for the first time - on June 4, 1988, three weeks short of completing my Masters degree in Psychology. Some would say I had a nervous breakdown.

The psych ward doctors said it was major depression. I say that I saw just how evil my sin is in the eyes of God and it scared the hell out of me . . . I cobbled together some mad reality and blew a fuse . . . I lost my mind, never to be the same again. Thanks be to God! Praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ! - from the first chapter "I am honored to endorse this book. Not only does it chronicle the journey of one man's pain and ultimate redemption; but will provide the essential hope to many who are commonly afflicted. This story will declare good news to the poor and proclaim freedom to the captives!!" Rev. Bruce Edwards, Allison Park Church of the Assemblies of God Richard Jarzynka (Ya'Zhynka) earned his masters degree in psychology from Duquesne University in 1989. He attended Law School on a full-tuition, merit-based scholarship until being expelled within one day of the Dean learning that he has bipolar disorder. Rich worked as a counselor, psycho-therapist, and program director with troubled teens and their families from 1984 - 2003. He is currently studying toward ministry certification with the Assemblies of God. And he is not offended by being called crazy, goofy, screwy, loony, or by any other synonym for mentally ill.

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