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Crazy Lady: Achievement Against The Odds

Crazy Lady: Achievement Against the Odds is an autobiographical account of Dr. Myrtle Boykin Sampson's amazing achievements in the field of clinical psychology--three master's degrees and two significant amount of post-doctorate study.

All of this was achieved as she fought her own mental health battles. From an early age, she struggled with identity issues, being the younger of a pair of twins. As an academically-gifted African-American woman, she strived to prove herself in a time of white male-dominated educational and professional environs. She faced the disappointment of infertility, followed by the joy of adoption, only to learn this beautiful child that she loved so mush was autistic. These stressors led her to a drinking problem, "a nervous breakdown," and later mental illness due to a chemical imbalance. She had both inpatient and outpatient treatments, including electroconvulsive shock treatments (ECTs).

To quote Dr. Sampson, "As a clinical psychologist who has counseled many hundreds of people, I can say that the personal journey that brought me to this point is a fascinating and instructive case study worth sharing." And indeed, this is a captivating read.

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