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Bipolar: Life between two extremes

Miami Airport, 7. December 2005: A passenger claims there is a bomb on board. When he ignores the orders of two sky marshals, they shoot him down. It turns out that the man did not have a bomb, but was suffering from bipolar disorder disease. Ernst Junger visits people afflicted with the disorder, who allow him to gain insights into their disease:

- Marylou Selo, a Swiss-American. The film accompanies the professional interpreter to the scenes where her illness manifested itself.

- Kay Redfield Jamison. The American Professor of Psychology is bipolar herself. "Pain and suffering is extraordinary and not fathomable to anyone who hasn't been there". A focus of her research is the frequently found correlation between creative talent and bipolar disorder.

- Jules Angst, Psychiatrist from Zurich. What interests him are the grey zones between health and disease.

- The actress Margot Kidder. She says it's not enough to go to a psychiatrist and hope the mood swings will stop. Everyone needs to find his or her own strategy.

Bipolar disorder reveals extreme facets of human existence, from delusions of artistic grandeur to disruptive and destructive hyperactivity to the deepest depths of despair and suicide.

Patients should not rely solely on the medical treatment available, but should educate themselves to be able to come up with their own approach to coping with the disorder.

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