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Cracking Up

With standup comedy there is a fine line between punch-lines and pain. Cracking Up documents the remarkable journey of a group of twelve courageous people who set out to turn their painful experience of mental illness into standup comedy.

From the initial moment of terror when they pick up the microphone for the first time, to their triumphant finale in the limelight, Cracking Up follows the agonizingly honest process as they grind down their biggest fears into fodder-for- funny. "This is a story about a group of underdogs who set out to achieve something that they're not supposed to be able to do," says comedy instructor, David Granirer, the brainchild of the project. "It's like 'The Full Monty' only people want us to keep our clothes on!"

Irreverent, honest and laugh out loud funny, Cracking Up is a stigma-shattering walk on the wildly funny side of mental illness.

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