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Category: General Mental Health

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

The National Depressive and Manic Depressive Association is dedicated to educating about depression and bipolar disorder, fostering self-help, eliminating discrimination, and improving access to treatment.

Handling Your Psychiatric Disability in Work and School

(Part of The Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University's Web Site) This web page offers information on the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

Internet Mental Health

This site offers a free encyclopedia of mental health information to improve the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. The site includes information on the 67 most common psychiatric disabilities.

Mental Help

Sponsored by CenterSite, a company that develops technology for mental health organizations, this site provides weekly new updates, information on disorders and treatments and professional resource.

Mental Illness Education Project

This informative web page offers information on and links to purchase video-based information on mental health issues geared toward family members, consumers, professionals for use in a wide variety of settings.


A fantastic site with information organized according to users: people who have schizophrenia; families and friends of those who have schizophrenia; researchers; professionals; and students.

The Comprehensive Guide to Sleep Deprivation: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment”.

The Comprehensive Guide to Sleep Deprivation: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment".