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Strength of Us

Developed by young adults, this user-driven social networking community allows young adults to connect with their peers and share personal stories, creativity and helpful resources by writing and responding to blog entries, engaging in discussion groups, posting status updates on “The Wire” and sharing videos, photos, and other news. Strengthofus.org offers a variety of resources on issues important to young adults including healthy relationships, family and friends, independent living, campus life, employment, mental health issues and much more.

Living Hope for Mental Health

Living Hope for Mental Health is a collaborative community of individuals labeled with mental health conditions, their family, friends and close allies. We work with the wider community to educate the public, provide support and community resources, participate in system advocacy to eradicate stigma and improve the mental health system. We value difference, whether mental or physical, and promote cultural competence.

We believe in person-centered treatment. We focus on strengths, not weakness. We believe a person comprises physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual components; therefore, an individual’s path and plan to wellness needs to integrate all components.

We are 100% volunteer powered. We rely on and appreciate your support through membership and donations. Join to learn, get the support you need, co-create an empowering environment, share hope, share ideas, create change, make new friends and restore your life!  Click here for Website