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Mental Health Now

Episode 1: Pilot-Intro to Mental Health

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Guest: Bill Dickson, Director Capital District Psychiatric Center

Episode 2: The Current State of Mental Health

Guest: Ann Marie Sullivan, Commissioner New York State Office of Mental Health

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Episode 3: Mental Health in Schools

Guests: Dr. Rita LeVay, Interim Director of Pupil Personnel Services, Schenectady School District and John Richter, Director of Public Policy, Mental Health Association of New York State

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Episode 4: Find Help, Find Hope

Guest: Tina Lee, NAMI Mid-Hudson

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Episode 5: Understanding the Benefits of AOT

Guests: Ramona Bartholomew, MS, Community Mental Health and Criminal Justice Unit Coordinator and Albany County Assisted Outpatient Treatment Coordinator, Albany County Department of Mental Health and Christine Dwyer, Recipient of AOT Services

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Episode 6: NAMI Walks

Guests: Wendy Burch, Executive Director, NAMI-NYS and Heide Garner, Walks Manager, NAMI-NYS

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Episode 7: Mental Health in Young Adults

Guests: Hakeem Rahim, NAMI NYS Member and Torie Keeton, NAMI-NYS Intern 

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Episode 8: Federal Mental Heath Reform

Guest: United States Representive Paul Tonko (NY-20)

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Episode 9: Tackling Mental Illness

Guest: Keith O'Neil, 2007 Super Bowl Champion 

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Episode 10: Four Secrets in Plain Sight

Guest: Dr.Lloyd I. Sederer, M.D.

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Episode 11: Dealing with the Hoildays

Guest:Heather Lewis, Jewish Family Services

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Episode 12: Never Leave Your Dead

Guest: Diane Cameron

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Episode 13: Children's Mental Health

Guests:Susan E. Perkins, Senior Associate for Early Childhood Initiatives, The NYS Council on Children and Families; Katherine Wallace, President, NAMI at Emma Willard; Brad Hansen, Public Policy Coordinator, Families Together in New York State; and Jessica Klos, Director of Policy & Community Education, Early Care and Learning Council, to discuss children's mental health.

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Episode 14: NAMIWalks and More

Guests: Wendy Burch and Nicole Bulanchuk from NAMI-NYS.

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Episode 15:Suicide Prevention

Guest: Perry Hoffman from the National Education Alliance on Borderline Personality Disorder to discuss suicide prevention.

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Episode 16-Housing Issues

Guests, Tiffany Monti and Toni Lasicki

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Episode 17-Crisis Intervention Teams

Guests, Lt. Willie Flack and Don Kamin, PhD

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Episode 18-Suicide Prevention

Guest Perry Hoffman:

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Episode 19- Mental Health Housing

Guests Toni Lasicki and Tiffany Monti:

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Episode 20-Mental Health Parity

Guests Andrew Malekoff and Traci Gardner:

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Episode 21-Telling Your Story

Guests Joseph Fusaro, Allie Hill, Lindsay Wheeler:

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Episode 22- Suicide Prevention 2

Guest Garra Lloyd Lester:

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Episode 23-Hope Starts With You Part 1

Guests Michael Saccocio and Tina Lee:

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Episode 24-Hope Starts With You Part 2

Guests Michael Saccocio and Tina Lee:

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