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NAMI-NYS Awareness Ribbons Continue to Pop Up Across the State

The NAMI-NYS Ribbon Campaign continues to spread awareness of mental health issues to communities across the state. Now in its second year as a statewide initiative the campaign continues to expand. The collage above demonstrates the various types of businesses and organizations that are partnering with NAMI-NYS and our affiliates in bringing the discussion of mental health out of the shadows. The first week of the campaign we showcased schools and public parks. Last week highlighted the ribbons in the NYS Legislative Office Building. This week you will see the diversity of our community partners. The ribbons have gone from mostly being hung at traditional arenas for the discussion of mental health such as the Rockland Psychiatric Center, to being displayed in businesses people go everyday and where they would not expect to find mental health information. These include all types of doctors offices (including dentists), car dealerships, law offices, restaurants and coffee bars. We are extremely grateful for all the volunteers who have helped distribute ribbons and all the businesses who are displaying the ribbons and furthering the discussion of mental health.

We want to see the ribbons in your community. Send your ribbon campaign pictures to Bill@NAMINYS.org.

NAMIWalks Season Continues with the NAMI-NYC Metro Walk

On Saturday, May 13, NAMIWalks NYC celebrated their eleventh anniversary Walk/Run. Thousands of caring and compassionate walkers from across the tri-state area gathered at the South Street Seaport Promenade to cross the Brooklyn Bridge, with Grand Marshal, The King of Walk, Darryl DMC McDaniels (of the legendary hip-hop group Run-DMC), inspiring us all. It rained-a lot-but spirits were high, and the energy of the community gathered was invigorating. This year, the walk added an Advocacy Station, where participants were provided with pre-addressed postcards to send to Senators Gillibrand and Schumer, and President Trump, in support of the ACA. We brought the rest back to the office and ask people in our classes and support groups to sign them. Despite the rain, it was a wonderful day!

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NAMI-NYS Criminal Justice Chair Quoted in Council of State Government's Justice Center Article

The Council of State Government's Justice Center recently held the Judges' and Psychiatrists' Leadership Initiative Summit at their headquarters in New York City. The initiative is a project of the CSG Justice Center and the American Psychiatric Association Foundation that supports efforts by judges and psychiatrists to improve judicial, community, and systemic responses to people with behavioral health needs in the justice system.

As part of the event, judges shared strategies they employ when people with mental illnesses and substance use disorders appear in their courtrooms, but sought ideas on how to better tap into the behavioral health care resources in their communities. Jayette Lansbury-who serves as the criminal justice chair for New York State's chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness and whose son has a mental illness and is in a forensic facility-urged the judges to involve peer advocates and family members at every possible juncture.

"Families are often the first responders," Lansbury said. "And when one person is arrested, in a way, the whole family is arrested."

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NYS Assembly Passes Single-Payer Health Care Plan

A plan to create a universal single-payer health insurance plan in New York state passed the Assembly on Tuesday, May 16. This is the third year in a row the Assembly passed such a bill and in the two previous years the bill died in the Senate, as it most likely will again this year.

The New York Health Act would establish a universal health care system within the state, known as New York Health, and expand coverage eligibility to include all residents, regardless of wealth, income, age or pre-existing condition. In addition, every enrollee would have access to the full range of doctors and service providers offered. The plan would provide comprehensive inpatient and outpatient care, primary and preventive care, maternity care, prescription drug costs, laboratory testing, rehabilitative care and dental, vision and hearing care.

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