Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Illness affects children as well adults. NAMI-NYS presents various resources for the specific mental ailments that affect children and adolescents. These resources are designed to inform children and their parents alike.




NAMI’s Child and Adolescent Action Center - NAMI provides information on mental health awareness in schools, where to find services, juvenile justice & child welfare, federal & state policy legislation as well as how to find support for parents, caregivers and family members.

NYS OMH’s Information for Children, Teens and Their Families - The NYS Office of Mental Health’s page has information designed for teenagers and their families. OMH also provides a wide range of resources throughout New York State.

NIMH’s Children’s Mental Health Awareness Resource Page - NIMH provides a wide gamut of information and resources, including information on how to participate in research trials.

NAMI Basics Education Program - NAMI’S Signature Program providing the fundamentals of caring for you, your family and your child with mental illness.

NAMI’s Parents and Teachers as Allies - In-Service Mental Health Education for School Professionals.

Breaking the Silence - NAMI Queens/Nassau’s program includes lesson plans, games and posters designed to bring mental health awareness in schools.


Mental Health Awareness in Children and Teenagers

NAMI Basics

Understanding Mental Illness in Children

Mental Illness Awareness for Children - (Sharing Art from the Heart) -Brings awareness to mental illness for children by advocating for those with serious mental disturbances.

Katie Couric’s Notebook on Kids’s Mental Health

Breaking the Silence on the Today Show -Eli and Lorraine Kaplan talk about their son’s diagnosis of schizophrenia and why they want to help others break their silence.

Juvenile Justice and Mental Health

Helping Children Understand Mental Illness, Improving Treatment

The Fight Against Stigma: Children Diagnosed with Mental Illness


How to Recognize ADHD

Information on ADHD

For Parents of Children with ADHD

Children with ADHD practice the Transcendental Meditation technique

Teen Suicide and Depression

Puzzle Pieces - NAMI TV Public Service Announcement

I’m Tired of People Saying I Don’t Look Like I Have Depression - NAMI Program Coordinator Amanda Ramirez talks about her experience with depression.

Signs Your Child is Depressed

Public Service Announcement from Bi-Polar Alliance

Public Service Announcement on Self Injury

Bullied to death: They committed suicide because of bullying

A Memorial for Teens That Committed Suicide - With helpful facts


New Treatment for Kids with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - From the Mayo Clinic


PTSD in Children


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